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municipal police department, which is the only function of upholding the law. this is really radical moment in american policing what they said we are not going to focus on solving crime are making cases. we are just going to be here to gather intelligence, to be a mini cia kind of thing. it was this incredible decision that we'd never understood the significance for many years. the what they did if they took a look at all the nine about then hijackers portfolios, their files and networked for commonalities and things that would say how'd we noticed us along the way, maybe we could have done something. so they created a team of plainclothes detectives from a south asian arab descent and sent them out into the neighborhoods come into muslim neighborhood, basically eased up and write what they heard and where were egyptian coffee shops where what barack is get their hair cut? where do people of palestinian descent, where did they watch soccer? what they did was created this giant ethnic map of the city that was the foundation of what has been a 10 year extremely secret program the n.y.p.d. ha
doing something that is injured us through law are not able to see cancer in a way. you have to be able to bring a law and be able to proof eight proximate cause but if you are injured 30 years down the line and there is no research that really shows in the way that this chemical has given you this cancer it's virtually impossible to bring a lawsuit. so there is very little way to make any of these companies responsible for the injuries that they made be causing and of course their huge financial disincentives to doing that kind of research. so it's very difficult to do that very expensive kind of research. >> host: there was a study recently that showed out of all the clinical trials out there, the% of clinical trials that are introducing a drug that is superior to what's already out there is 4%. only 4% of clinical trials yield a drug that is superior. do you think there's a false hope out there? you hear about the promise of clinical trials. we need them and god bless them for the trials that we have got. tell me a little bit about this perception of the promise of cancer and the hop
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2